I have always found peace at the beach. The waves, the sunshine, and the children laughing and playing are the joys that I take away from the beach. We were introduced to beach glass hunting by our best friends and an obsession was born. We have collected beach glass from all over the world. As an interior designer, I have a special fondness for unique, distinctive and innovative accessories that make a home come alive. Beach glass is one of those design elements for me.

When we came up with the idea of putting beach glass into a tube, we thought it wouldn't work. We tried over a half dozen kinds of plastics and glasses before settling on the ones we use today.

From that moment on, my family and I decided that we could share this creative design element with you and created DesignerRods.com®. We want you to share any insight or other creative and innovative design elements by contacting me (Nancy) at nancy@designerrods.com.